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At Man of the Soil we strongly believe in giving back to the community. That is why we have adopted roadways all over Pima County, Marana County, and Oro Valley. Below is a list of the miles of roads we currently care for, and have maintained for years.
Marana County

  • Ina Rd, from I-10 to Silverbell
  • Old Silverbell Rd, from Twin Peaks to Rillito Cutoff
  • Arizona Pavilions, Hospitality Rd, and Cracker Barrel Rd.

Pima County

  • Old Spanish Trail, from Camino Loma Alta to the End
  • Mona Lisa Rd, from Ina Rd to Magee Rd
  • Magee Rd, from Shannon Rd to La Cholla Blvd
  • Snannon Rd, from Ina Rd to Magee Rd
  • Shannon Rd, from Magee Rd to Sumter Ln
  • La Cholla Blvd, from Magee Rd to Ina Rd
  • Ina Rd, from Shannon Rd to La Cholla Blvd
  • El Camino dell Cerro, from Silverbell Rd to Calle Lanura
  • Cortaro Farms, from I-10 East to Thornydale Rd
  • Pistol Hill Rd, from South of Old Spanish Trail to the End
  • Overton Rd, from Thornydale Rd to La Cholla Blvd
  • Catalina Highway, from Snyder Rd to the City Limits

Oro Valley

  • Moor Rd, from Eagleview to the End
  • Tangerine Rd, from La Cholla Blvd to the Town Limits

Here’s a map of adopted roadways in Pima County:

For information on adopting a roadway yourself, please feel free to click below on the corresponding county:

Marana Adopt-a-Roadway

Pima County Adopt-a-Roadway

Oro Valley Adopt-a-Roadway: (520)229-5072

Author: Soilman

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