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Hiring landscaping professionals to care for your yard is the best way to keep your plants and trees healthy and looking good for years to come. We have the experience and knowledge to do a great job and are committed to helping local residents and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs.

Tree and plant care is provided by Man of the Soil’s, and our services are tailored to each individual client’s needs. We service the entire Tucson, Arizona metro area including Marana, Oro Valley, Vail, Sahuarita, and Green Valley.


Man of the Soil Care Process

At Man of the Soil, we follow a detailed process to ensure the best possible results for your trees and plants. Our step-by-step guide includes:

  1. Inspection: We thoroughly inspect your trees and plants to determine the best course of action to keep them healthy and looking good.
  2. Pruning: We remove dead, diseased, or overgrown branches. We also selectively prune to promote healthy growth and maintain the tree’s natural shape.
  3. Clean-up: After pruning, we carefully remove the debris and dispose of it properly, leaving your property tidy and safe.
Man Of The Soil Plant & Tree Care
Man Of The Soil Plant & Tree Care

Tree and Plant Care Services:

Trees and desert plants can add beauty and character to your home. Man of the Soil offers the necessary landscape services to keep your trees and plants healthy and looking their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Light pruning can be done on most trees and shrubs during the summer. However, heavier pruning should be done in late winter when the tree is dormant. 

Your trees can be fertilized in Tucson anytime between fall and mid July. Early spring actually works best because of less chance of cold temperatures damaging the trees. 

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